Jack Up Barges for Sale and Charter

Jack-Up barges are floating barges with movable legs that can be extended to make contact with the seabed and then self elevate the barge above the water when required.  Modular jackup barges are available (such as Combifloat and Ravestein systems) which can be easily transportable worldwide by sea or road, whereas monohull jackup barges will require towage or heavy lift vessels.  Payloads allow the owner/operator/charterer to determine the amount of equipment such as marine cranes and accommodation modules that can be safely put on the deck.  Please contact us for any specific jack-up barges, self elevating platforms and lift boat requirements on E: info@fairwaysmarinebrokerage.co.uk or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.

FMB 8642:

Jackup Barge (upto 25m depth)

Monohull jackup barge for sale
Built:1976 Class:ABS Dimensions:48.77 x 25.60m Tonnage:Crane 170 T @8.5m Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:Middle East
FMB 1011:

Jackup Barge Modular - Charter

jackup barge for hire
Built:TBC Class:GL 100 A5 K (RSA 20) SE Unit Dimensions:30.50m x 22.00m Tonnage:400 T Payload Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:Additional Modules Location:India
FMB 6066:

Jackup Barge (option for Crane) - Charter

jackup barge for hire
Built:2016 Class:BV Dimensions:30 x 18m Tonnage:400T Payload Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/ Location:East Africa / Middle East
FMB 2123:

C7 Modular Jackup

Combifloat jackup C7
Built:2007 Class:GL Dimensions:30.5 x 18.5m, 38m Legs Tonnage:400 T Payload Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:NW Europe
FMB 8406:

Jackup Barge - Charter

jackup barge for charter Middle East UAE
Built:2011 Class:NK Coastal Service Dimensions:48 x 25m, legs 50 Tonnage:1060 T Payload Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:Optional Location:Middle East
FMB 0743:

Offshore Self Elevating Platform (hydraulic pin type)

Offshore Self Elevating Platform (hydraulic pin type)
Built:2015 Class:ABS + A1 MODU Dimensions:63.00m x 38.00m x 4.30m (draft) Tonnage:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:75 + potential to increase Location:Asia
FMB 0664:

Self Elevating Platform

Self Elevating Platform
Built:2010 Class:Offshore Self Elevating Unit Dimensions:50.00m x 29m x 2.5m Tonnage:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:6 Location:Asia
FMB 0292:

Self Elevating Platform

Self Elevating Platform
Built:2012 Class:TBC Dimensions:55m x 30m x 3.2m Tonnage:# Propulsion:# Accommodation:39 Location:Asia
FMB 0321:

Ravestein Modular Jack Up Barge - Charter

Modular Jack Up Barge - POA
Built:TBC Class:TBC Dimensions:24.50m x 17.10m x 2.45m Tonnage:250 Payload Propulsion:# Accommodation:na Location:Europe