Barges for Sale and Charter

Barges are used to move cargo such as aggregates (sand, rock barges etc.) or heavy equipment by sea.  Type of barges include flat top deck barges, which may have side walls and pontoons with spuds, others maybe semisubmersible barges allowing other vessels / equipment to be floated over.  Barges with hold capacity are often referred to as hopper barges or split hopper barges (allowing the dumping of aggregate from below).  Fairways Marine brokerage has a selection of these barges for sale and charter.  For more information or a specific barge requirement please contact us on E: or T: +44 (0)1273 508164.  For accommodation work barges or jack-up barges please see the relevant pages of our website.

FMB 12837:

Deck Barge (manually ballastable)

Deck Barge for Sale
Built:2008 (Singapore) Class:BV Dimensions:100.58m x 30.48m Tonnage:11,475 DWT Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:Middle East
FMB 4662:

Deck Barge

Vessle Title Here
Built:1974 Class:Local (was in class originally) Dimensions:47m x 15m Tonnage:1433 T Capacity Propulsion:N/A Accommodation:N/A Location:UK
FMB 12538:

Self Propelled Barge LCT Type

LCT Self Propelled Barge
Built:2023 Class:ZC Dimensions:137.71 x 33m Tonnage:18,000 DWT Propulsion:G8300ZC6B, 1471kW*2, Ningbo engine Accommodation:TBC Location:Asia
FMB 11027:

DP2 Self Propelled Barge Ice Class B

DP2 self propelled barge
Built:2022 Class:CCS, ★CSA Deck Cargo Ship;Bridge Crane And Heavy Equipment Carrier; PSPC(B); Ice Class B; Loading Computer(S,I);In-Water Survey;★CSM AUT-0;DP-2 Dimensions:165 x 42-48m Tonnage:23,000 DWT Propulsion:ACD320DE, 2980kW*2, Daihatsu, ASD, CPP Accommodation:TBC Location:Asia
FMB 9188:

Deck Cargo Barge with Hydraulic Ramps

RoRo Deck Cargo Barge Heavy Lift
Built:2013 Class:LR (TBC) Dimensions:140m x 40m x 12m Tonnage:32,000 DWT Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:Asia
FMB 5862:

Deck Cargo Barge Self Ballastable

Deck Cargo Barge 12,551 DWT
Built:2013 Class:ABS (tbc) Dimensions:114.30m x 36.60m Tonnage:12,551 DWT Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:Asia
FMB 10558:

Self Propelled Crane Barge Spud Legs - Charter

Self Propelled Crane Barge Europe
Built:2016 Class:BV Dimensions:55.4 x 23.8 Tonnage:TBC Propulsion:1 fwd 1 aft thrusters Accommodation:12 + Location:Europe
FMB 0857:

Barge - Rock Barge / Deck Cargo - Charter

Rock barge europe
Built:1950 Class:Loadline Dimensions:84 x 20 Tonnage:5300 DWT Propulsion:N/A Accommodation:N/A Location:Europe
FMB 9937:

Deck Barge Side Walls and Ramp - Charter

Barge Side Walls Ramp
Built:2008 Class:TBC Dimensions:98m Tonnage:8058 DWT Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:NW Europe
FMB 8791:

Semisubmersible Deck Barge with Spuds for Charter

semisbumersible deck barge marine contractor hire
Built:TBC Class:DNV - GL - 100 A5 Pontoon Dimensions:60 x 22m Tonnage:DWT 2731 Propulsion:n/a Accommodation:n/a Location:NW Europe
FMB 9725:

Self Propelled Split Hopper Barge for Charter

Vessle Title Here
Built:1974 Class:Load line Exemption Dimensions:42m Tonnage:Capacity - 340M3 Propulsion:2 X Holland Rudder Prop 250 BHP Accommodation: Location:Europe
FMB 9726:

Split Hopper Barge Self Propelled for Charter

Vessle Title Here
Built:1968 Class:Loadline Exemption Dimensions:47m LOA Tonnage:Capacity - 460M3 Propulsion:2 x Sykes, + Bow Thruster Accommodation: Location:Europe
FMB 0364:

Self Propelled Split Hopper Barge 300m3 for Charter

self propelled split hopper barge
Built:1979 Class:TBC Dimensions:44.10m (LOA) Tonnage:300m3 Capacity Propulsion:1 x Caterpillar Engine Accommodation:n/a Location:NW Europe